"Rabbi" Donald Hawkins

(Jim Miller)

Rabbi Joins the Army cover
"Rabbi" Donald Hawkins is, when we first meet him in Rabbi Joins the Army (2013), a reluctant 22-year-old new recruit in the Canadian army, stationed in 1964 at Camp Gagetown in New Brunswick, where he sets about solving his first murder. Other self-published Rabbi e-books followed: Rabbi and the Sticky End, Rabbi and the Baker's Dozen, and Mined Your Own Business.

However, "Rabbi" is only a nickname given him after he is is called to account for being absent without leave, and an officer called him "a regular Parade Square Hammurabi" because of his legal quibbling. His RSM later told him, "Well, Hammer .... Hummer .... Rabbie, Rabbi .... whatever. You've made a grand cock up of this one." And the nickname stuck and he became "Rabbi Hawkins, barrack-room lawyer extraordinaire, and he doesn't even look Jewish." I have included him here only because the titles are so misleading - they certainly misled me!

The books are strong on the military background which is very convincingly handled (the author had over 43 years experience in the Canadian forces) but, despite some humor, the plots are slow-moving and become rather tedious.

Rabbi Hawkins has his own website!

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He isn't really a rabbi at all!
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